Dominic Allen – Javelin

Dominic Allen has been awarded a grant towards his costs for the upcoming season.

I have been going to Exeter Harriers since the age of 11. Although I have tried many events, javelin is what I feel more passionate about javelin. Javelins are extremely expensive to purchase and can vary greatly. On average they cost about £1,000 each and when I need at least 2 this can become very expensive. I was really delighted to come 3rd in the UK Championships earlier this year as it has been a difficult year for training for me. Exeter Harriers track has been closed for most of the season (March –August) for refurbishment. This has meant that I have had to travel to Taunton, Tavistock or Yeovil which takes about an hour travelling time. This meant that I did not always have a coach for the training session. Obviously not ideal training. I have also been studying hard for my GCSE’s which I now have the results for and am quite proud of achieving 10 A –C grades.

I am hoping to have a much better season this year with the hope one day of competing at the Olympics.