Emma Rae – end of season report

Following your sponsorship earlier in the year, as the season is now over it’s an appropriate time to give you an update on how things have gone for me.

I had set myself some steep targets for my first year in the Under 20 Age Group, and having not met them, made me learn more about myself and my technique.  I consider this year to have helped my development within sport as I have not won as many competitions as I did in the past, making me reflect more on my technical performance, and how it can be improved with help from my coach.    This can only put me in a better position for next year.

I competed for my new club Shaftsbury Barnet Harriers, which was also a learning curve for me.  I really enjoyed the experience, from the travelling to meeting new people and competing at a much higher level.

Overall, I am happy with my performance, having gained a Seasons Best of 47.46m for hammer at the new weight for me.  I also took part in shot competitions gaining a SB of 9.80m.

I am getting back into winter training now concentrating on a lot of strength and stamina work to build my fitness level up before the 2018 season.  This will be mixed with work on my technique so this does not drop, but steadily progresses.

My targets for next year will still be set high with the main one being to achieve a PB of over 50m, which will get me back into the top level within Power of 10.  I am currently ranked 20th in the UK, and the top level has 15 athletes, so this is a very realistic target for me to meet.

Your kind grant of vouchers has enabled me to buy a variety of new training kit, and Weight Lifting shoes, which have been well used throughout the season and will see me through the winter too.  I have included a photo below of the items.

Thank you for taking the time to read my update, and for supporting me.  I will encourage my Dad to get things organised to walk the Forth Road Bridge to raise some money for you too.

My new kit – thank you