Martha Calton-Seal – Triathlete

Support for The John Taylor foundation was a great help during my first season in the British Triathlon Nation Super Series. My aim was to compete hard but to enjoy my first year as i wasn’t sure where i would finish in the races. I was really pleased and surprised by my races; 4th Hetton Lyon Triathlon, 5th WTS Lead Triathlon, 4th Llanelli Triathlon. I finished the season with a GB ranking of 8th overall, which was amazing, i managed to gained representative honours and compete for GB in the Triathlon Super League in Jersey. 

In November 2018 i was selected to be a member of the England ‘New Generation’ Triathlon squad. The last year has been a fantastic. Im honoured to be part of the current England Training group and the Yorkshire Triathlon Academy. Im looking forward to 2019 and the journey ahead.

The John Taylor Foundation has help make the transition from competing at regional level to National Level that little bit smoother and would like to thank everyone for their support.